Last seen: 12:05pm on the 12th of February 2019
Joined: 9th of May 2018

Player Level 28 (38,569xp)

RobbingLevel 20 (20,865xp)
PoliceLevel 19 (17,400xp)
MedicLevel 1 (0xp)
Fire fighterLevel 1 (60xp)
Taxi driverLevel 1 (0xp)
Truck driverLevel 2 (244xp)

Player Groups:

Galante 0


Warned by Reason Warn Date Expires

Player Statistics

Deaths320 (134 suicides)
Kill/Death Ratio0.2
Players Arrested427
Times Arrested62
Players Healed0
Times Healed5
Shops Robbed922
Group Robberies3
Players Robbed62
Times Robbed183
Fires extinguished2
Trucking missions completed5
Courier missions completed1
Total play time:
Current wanted level: 0
Current jail time: Not in jail